Opening Soon

We are in self-imposed cookie time-out - but don't worry we will be back 4/24 with new flavors for May!! We also understand that some of you just want to look at our delicious cookies and drool in our absence, while some of you know what you want and want to order your cookies now and have them shipped or delivered after 4/24. We get it... so we are giving you our level 9 security, top-secret password to enter the website while we are in time out....but here's the deal.... - By entering this site (password below) you agree that you understand no deliveries or shipments will be made until 4/24. - Any orders placed during this time (4/14-4/24) will be delivered 4/25 or later (deliveries made on Sundays unless otherwise requested). And shipments will go out 4/26 or later (shipments go out on Mondays unless otherwise requested). -Any questions please feel free to email - Enter the password at the top right corner of this page. Password is ....cookie (I know soooooo original) As always thank you for your continued support! We appreciate all of you!! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ButterAndLoveGourmetCookies for updates and information. Thank you! Toni