Who I am

“All cookies are made with butter and love.” If the Norwegian proverb is true, then I’m definitely doing something right!


Baking cookies for a living was never something I thought possible. I baked for our neighborhood holiday BBQ’s. I baked cookies for my kids’ football games and even our local High School football games. The amount of cookies contributed to football players continues to stun my husband! It wasn’t until I realized I was conducting quality control testing on my cookie-loving co-workers that I finally realized I was onto something.  Suddenly, I was staying up for hours researching new ingredients, re-configuring old recipes, and desperately trying to come up with a name for my newest adventure.


Butter and Love is the epitome of what my kids love about cookies. The cookies are large, and I mean large. They’re decadent and sweet and gooey and scrumptious. And I smile every time someone bites into a Snickerdoodle and grins from ear to ear. I hope the joy you get in devouring these “little” morsels is the same I feel every time I take them out of the oven.

From my heart to yours; with butter and love.