S'more... please!

S'mores -

S'more... please!

It was inevitable really. I thought I would sell the same flavors of cookies until I was old and rocking on the porch swing reading folklore to my beloved garden. (*side note: As of yet I don't have a porch swing OR a beloved garden - so don't worry I'm not THAT old)

Being new to this whole cookie thing, I have discovered a love for something new: experimenting with flavors.  I would have to say my favorite part of my favorite new thing is coming up with a flavor people don't expect IN a cookie.  (My theory is...why not? Cookies have feeling too) My second favorite thing is people's reaction when they try the new flavors (Smiles and sighs of delight are the reason I started Butter and Love). My third favorite thing about new flavors is having pictures taken of them. This is where I lucked out. It's your usual bar story that starts out with "I have a friend..." but this isn't a bar and really it's as simple as this - I have an excessively talented friend (*cough*cough - Lucio Jimenez) who puts as much love into his photographs as I do my cookies. 

And here's where all this rambling comes together into one ginormous ball of ooey, gooey, S'mores goodness....Introducing Butter and Love's newest flavor:


(*this is where everyone goes "oooohhhhhhh")

So the moral of this story is....expect S'more new flavors (with amazing photos!)

From my heart to yours,





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