For love of the game....

Alpenrose, LLSBWS -

For love of the game....

I can safely say it's been over 20 years since I played softball.  Looking back I'm certain I was nothing more than your average teenage girl, but I remember people telling me I had a strong arm - which is likely why I was in the outfield.  I used to love to see how far I could throw it.  I loved hitting; was horrible at bunting; and preferred sliding into bases versus running the bases.  One of my favorite pictures is of me playing at Alpenrose.  Honestly the picture is horrible (did we really wear our hats that high on our heads back then?) and the look on my face could be the caption for just about anything involving smelly socks. 

Alpenrose Dairy has been around forever; this year they are celebrating 100 years! While I don't know how long Alpenrose has been hosting local softball games, or even how long they've hosted the Little League Softball World Series, I do know what an amazing venue it is. The founder of Alpenrose built the first field as a place for his grandkids to play and to think today girls from around the world come to play on one of many fields at Alpenrose. 

And I'm excited to be a part of it.  Butter and Love will be selling cookies at Alpenrose for the LLSBWS.  The entire event is 10 days (August 8th-17th) and while I won't be there for every single game, I guarantee these girls will always cherish their time at Alpenrose.





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