Crazy Cookie Month - New Flavors, Events, and Bacon (everything is better with Bacon - even blog titles)

Events, Maple Bacon, Tigard Festival of Balloons -

Crazy Cookie Month - New Flavors, Events, and Bacon (everything is better with Bacon - even blog titles)

June has been a crazy month in my house for exactly 15 years.  Once our oldest son was born (10 days before my XXth birthday) June became known as the "Birthday Month".  Fast forward two years when our twins were born (5 days after my XXth birthday), June suddenly became the "Crazy Month".  We celebrate everyone's birthdays on their birthday, have a friend party for each of the boys as close to their birthday as a weekend will allow, and a big family birthday party sandwiched smack dab in the middle of the month.  

This year is different.  This year it's "Crazy Month" gone COOKIES.  Adding to the "lets-cram-everything-into-one-month theme, I was "highly encouraged" to introduce a new flavor in time for Father's Day....Maple Bacon.  I managed to debut it May 31st, so I'm not sure if I can count it in my "Crazy Month" or not, but I am.  

Of course, I had to add more to my plate...(Honestly, I just really REALLY wanted to make this new cookie so I had an excuse to taste test it). In time for the start of Summer, I will be introducing Butter and Love's first Seasonal Flavor (yes, you have to wait to find out which flavor won the contest!) Each Season: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring I will be introducing 1-3 new flavors that will only be available during that season.  So make sure you watch for the big announcement soon!

And not to out-do myself (but probably to send myself into a caffeine-induced coma) I will be selling Butter and Love Cookies at the Tigard Festival of Balloon June 24-26th at Cook Park!  (In fact, I will be at a few local festivals this summer!)

*If you would like to pre-order cookies to be picked up at the festival submit an order form and note the requested pick up date (June 24-26th) and in the notes say you are picking them up at the Tigard Festival of Balloons :) 

Festival of Balloons

So come visit me and check out some really cool hot air balloons, festivities, and of course COOKIES!  

Hope to you see you all soon!

PS - If I look like a cookie-making zombie, kindly direct me to the closest source of caffeine.  Thanks!

From my heart to yours; with Butter and Love 




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